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Some years ago I discovered boxes of photos, documents and artifacts that my father had collected of his family history over the years. Most of these items are from the old days of my father and his brothers growing up in Southern Arizona on a cattle ranch. Later on, I recall spending many wonderful times with our families visiting at Grandpa’ Pete Perry’s Arizona ranch house for holidays and most school vacations.  

From time to time, I recall my family getting together, sitting around discussing the old stories of our Perry ancestors. Looking back on those days I really do regret not taking more interest in those stories and discussions. I was young and generally thought of the old days as “so black & white and prehistoric” and I didn’t have much interest at the time. I was only interested in playing with my cousins and wearing out grandpa’s ranch horses and plinking with an old single shot rifle. But now, I would give anything to have those lost moments again – I will always regret not keeping up on my family’s history – particularly when I had the chance to ask those living family member’s that really knew the family history and could tell the real story of the old west and beyond.

The intent of this web site is to share these photos and stories that I acquired and remember – along with an abbreviated genealogy of our Perry family line. I mostly kept the genealogy in direct descendants of surname, Perry, as far back in history that I could find. This website is a living document that can be added to by others – to expand on a particular Perry family member or any collateral family member. The following is intended to be a base-line as far back in time that is currently available – this genealogy should be referenced – particularly by young Perry descendants and their younger Perry descendants as time goes on...



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