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On 12/11/1924, Oscar Ashburn had a stroke and died in a car accident on his way home from Tucson.  Shortly after Oscar’s death, Minnie (Perry) Ashburn sold the ranch to their cowboy friend and neighbor, Henry Boice of the Chircahua Cattle Company and moved to Tucson and bought a market.   Over the years, numerous other owners of the Rail X ranch have come and gone.  Currently, the ranch is owned by Count Ferdinand von Galen – member of the royal family of Sweden.  The ranch has recently been subdivided into smaller parcels called “Ranchettes” that are being sold-off by a local realtor.

Rail X Ranch          Rail X Ranch
The current owners of the Rail X Ranch have demolished the original ranch house (upper left)
and replaced it with another (current code) structure of approximately the same shape,
design style and exact site location.

Rail X Ranch           Rail X Ranch
At the Rail X Ranch there are various outbuildings that still remain from the old ‘Ashburn’ cowboy days.

Rail X Ranch Rail X Ranch
Most all of the original ranch structures still have the original stone foundations
with white washed plastered over adobe mud for the wall construction.

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