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Fenter Family Reunion
Fenter Family Reunion
March 10, 1923
Minnie Jane (Fenter) Perry, center

Watch Fob










Minnie Jane (Fenter) Perry’s braided watch-bob from her own hair

Minnie Jane Perry had a younger sister - Annie Liza (Fenter) Ashburn, who died in a flood in Benson, Arizona on September 30, 1896.  Annie ‘Liza’ was married to Oscar Ashburn.

The Boarder Vidette of Nogales, reported on October 2, 1896 – “. . . that Benson, Arizona had one of the heaviest torrents of rain storms and flash flooding that anybody could remember.  Six people were killed in this flood – Mrs. Annie Ashburn and her two children were swept away while trying to seek shelter with a neighbor’s family who also drowned in the flood.   Mrs. Annie Ashburn’s husband, Oscar Ashburn, was away on business at the time.”

On July 5, 1901, Widow, Minnie (Fenter) Perry married her sisters’, Lizzie Fenter, widower husband Oscar F. Ashburn, in Tombstone, Arizona.

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