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Miles “Pete” Herbert Perry

Miles "Pete" Herbert PerryMILES "PETE" HERBERT PERRY, for whom this Perry History is dedicated, was born December 23, 1896 in the mining camp of Harshaw, Arizona Territory. 

Pete was the youngest of his brothers Glen and Guy.  Their mother, Minnie (Fenter) Perry and her second husband Oscar Ashburn raised the brothers at the Rail X Ranch near Patagonia in 1901 a few years after Pete’s father, Albert Emmet Perry, died January 17, 1898. 

It is understood that while growing up on the Rail X Ranch – Pete’s cowboy life was forged.  A local news paper reporter for the Arizona Stock Exchange, who was interviewing Henry Wood, Rail X Ranch foreman, and asked him who he thought was the best cowboy in Arizona – Henry replied, “I guess Pete Perry is the best cowboy I ever knew.  His brothers Glen and Guy were good, but I never knew anyone in a class with Pete.  Pete could ride into a large herd of cattle and within moments could cut-out brands that belonged to other ranches that had to be separated.”

Report Card 1   Report Card 2
At the age of 12, Pete was promoted into the
Benson School District’s fourth grade.
Rhetorical Exercises, Pete scored LAZY
  Note the parent signatures.  Evidently, Lizzi Fenter,
Minnie’s sister, was living at the Rail X ranch and
signed-off Pete’s report card.  Mrs. O.F. Ashburn is Minnie.

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