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Leslie Herbert Perry, Sr.

LESLIE HERBERT PERRY, SR. (1920-1984) – my uncle, was in the navy when he met his wife Margie at a dance in Santa Monica, California - they married around 1945.  They had a son, Leslie Jr. in 1946.

After Pete and Alda divorced, Leslie Sr and Al chose to stay with Alda and move to Los Angeles.  I understand they both had a hard time of it while growing up in their teens.  They never seemed to have any real home life, never went to the same school very long.  My cousin, Leslie, told me that Pete told him that it was a wonder that the sons turned out as good as they did, given their lack of a stable home life.

Our families got together often in the 1950’s when we lived nearby each other in the Los Angeles area. 

Leslie Sr School Photo Leslie & Marge
Leslie Perry, Sr.
An old school picture
Leslie & Margie
Leslie & Marge 1970s Leslie Sr & Margie 1970s
Leslie Sr. & Margie Perry
Leslie Sr. & Margie Perry
Late 1970’s

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