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Guy Lee Perry

GUY LEE PERRY was born December 7, 1893 in the City of Florence, Pinal County, Arizona.  Guy was the middle of the three Perry brothers.



Guy Perry - Y6 Ranch Guy Perry on "College"
Guy Lee Perry
Palo Verde - Y6 - Ranch
Guy riding his horse “College”
Palo Verde Ranch

I know the least information about Guy – even though I did meet him once while we were at Grandpa, Pete Perry’s Rancho Romero in the early 1950’s.  See the DVD of the only known movie of Guy Perry – a group family shot.  Guy married Della Hummel in Nogales, Arizona.  I have no pictures of Della, or any information about her.  Guy had a daughter – Genene.

Genene Perry
Guy Perry’s Daughter Genene


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