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Pete & Herefords
Pete Perry and his Herefords
Grandpa sneaking-a-peek
He love to show off when anybody took his picture

Pete & BBQ
Grandpa’ Pete cooking one of his famous pit-BBQ’s

I remember Grandpa’ always having some kind of ‘BBQ’ normally, about the time our vacation was over and we were about to leave for home.  He would plan these events days in advance by butchering a steer and preparing the coals from local mesquite.   Pete and some of his Mexican ranch hands would prepare about half a steer, including the complete cow head/brain wrapped in a cloth.  Pete would invite local ranch families and everybody would bring something.  Wow, what a feast – the best of times.

I recall another time when I was about 9, I was out plinking in the desert with a .22 and evidently couldn’t resist an opportunity to shoot a Jack Rabbit.  I brought the rabbit back to the house and Grandpa’ says, in one of his dry humor/teasing ways, – “is that Jack Rabbit what your having for dinner?”   And, tells me to take it out back of the kitchen and clean it.  I’m sure he knew that I didn’t know how to clean a rabbit because he took the rabbit and tied the legs together and hangs the rabbit on a nail, pulls out his pocket knife and shows me how to gut, skin and butcher a rabbit.  He was right, I never had field-cleaned a rabbit before.   He showed be how and made me finish the job.  He had me put the meat in a paper sack and take it in the house and give it to Jean.  I realize now that he wanted me to know that you never kill and waste anything.  As it turned out, Jean used most of the best parts of the Rabbit meat to make tacos for me and Grandpa’ - I think she gave the rest to the cats and dog. I ate it – wasn’t bad.

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