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Not long after, Grandpa’ would anticipate that we would be ready to saddle-up and ride the horses.  He normally, would have one of his Mexican ranch hands corral a few of the older horses that he thought had the best temperament for us boys to use.  Grandpa’ Pete, had a great sense of humor and would say, “well, how many horses are you going to wear-out today?”  Other times, he would give us rope-halters and say – go get em’.   I remember once, having problems trying to catch a rather rank horse and to this day, I can still see those ear’s laying back and yellow teeth coming at me!  Grandpa’ got the biggest kick out of that – must have been the way he learned at our age.

Tack Room
This tack room is like a shrine to me
Rancho Romero

Horse 1 Horse 2
Horses at Trough
Horse’s water-trough near the tack room and hay barn
Rancho Romero

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