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David & Leslie Jr
David & Leslie Jr.
Saguaro Cactus

We always would bring our own bunk-house-bed-rolls (sleeping bag) and lay claim to one of several fold-down lawn furniture sets that was in the screed-porch vestibule.  The rest of the family would just bivouac where ever . . .  Grandpa’ would always sleep on the floor near us boys in the screened porch area – really – he just liked sleeping on a bed-roll on the floor.  My theory is, because he spent so many years sleeping out on the trail during cattle drives and while growing up with his brothers in the old west days – they never had bedrooms. 

The summer nights were hot and I remember the sounds of the desert and watching lizards climbing on the porch screen at nights.

Three Boys
David – Osie – Leslie, jr
The screened-in porch in the back ground was our bunk house
during or visits at Rancho Romero

Next, we would make our pilgrimage down to the tack-room and hay barn by the corrals.  For those of us that had to live in a city – there is nothing quite like the first smell of fresh hay and horse sweat of a tack room.  Magic!

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