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Ancestor’s Genealogy

Line of Perry Descendents from England

Antecedents of the following seven Perry Brothers is not proven or conclusive.
Research is ongoing for who the father of the seven brothers of North Carolina might be.

Seven Perry Brothers 

1. Nathaniel Perry (d. 1790 Franklin Co., North Carolina)
2. Joshua Perry (d. 1792 Warren Co., North Carolina)
3. William Perry (d. Aft. 1807 prob Franklin Co., North Carolina)
4. Francis F. Perry (d. 1814 Wake Co., North Carolina) gggg/grandfather
5. John Perry (d. 1796 Franklin Co. North Carolina)
6. Jeremiah Perry (d. October 16, 1777 Bute Co., North Carolina)
7. Burwell/Burrell Perry (d. 1801 Franklin Co., North Carolina)

Francis F. Perry (1727-1814) & Mable Perry – had 14 children:

1. Mary (Perry) Truelove
2. Mable (Perry) Williams
3. Salley (Perry) Hunter
4. Agness Perry
5. Sion Perry, (sr), ggg/grandfather
6. Francis Perry
7. Nathan Perry
8. Aaron Perry
9. Darling Perry
10. William Perry
11. Ann Perry
12. Rachel Amanda Perry
13. Olive Perry
14. Hamar Perry

On the following page is a transcribed copy of The Last Will and Testament for Francis F. Perry, from North Carolina public records.
This document shows a fascinating glimpse into the life and times of Francis F. Perry in 18th century America.

The Earl of Granville granted land to Francis Perry of 300 acres in 1752. Francis was found in the muster rolls of Colonel William Eaton's Regiment in Captain Osborne Jeffrey's Company in 1754, as were five of his brothers (all except Burrell). This army was raised to defend the inhabitants against the Indians in the French and Indian War. These troops were the first troops raised by any Colony for service outside its own borders.

Francis Perry is found in Wake County, NC, in land transactions up through 1810, with his will probated in 1814.

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