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Alfred Perry with hair Al Riding
Al Perry
One of the few pictures with hair!
Al Perry in the saddle at Rancho Romero, Tucson, about 1960’s
Note how he is holds the lariat - the same “show-off” style as his father
Pete Perry does (as noted in a previous pictures)

Al & Anne Perry
Al and Anne Perry
War Factory ID badges – 1940’s
My parents met at a WW II war factory
in Huntington, West Virginia

My parents were married February 2, 1945 in Huntington, West Virginia.  My mother Anne Mae (Elkins) Perry, (1922-2002) was born in West Virginia.  She had two sisters – raised by their maiden aunt in West Virginia. 

As far back as I can remember my mother had a southern (Hill-Billy) accent and never lost it.  My mother was pretty much a home-maker until I was about 8 when she received training as a nurse. Originally, my father drove a school bus and later became a machinist/tool maker in Los Angeles.  He was constantly enrolled in some kind of self-help correspondence training courses trying to better himself. I think his best talent was that of an artist and photographer. I remember once when he was invited to a job interview at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank at their art production department – evidently he didn’t get the job. I also remember that he always had a camera in our face and would spend hours locked in the only bath room that we had developing film in a makeshift dark room.  He won many awards for his photography and his art was always on display at local galleries.  My parents were of faith and attended church regularly.

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