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My family once told me that during those years as a cattleman in Harshaw that Albert would butcher and hang-up a beef in a cool place once a week and that customer’s would come and cut-off what meat they wanted to buy.  They would furnish their own knives and pay 25-cents ~ 30-cents per pound.

While researching this material, my Uncle, Jack Perry, told me that Albert was trying to retire from his dangerous work as a frontier lawman and decided to start a new life as a stockman in southern Arizona.

On January 17, 1898, Albert died of complications from a gunshot wound.  According to Jack Perry, Albert managed to stay alive for seven days and told his family that he believes he was the target of an assassin – a revenge   shooting from an encounter during his lawman days in Texas and New Mexico – the shooter was never identified.  Albert Emmet Perry is buried at Pioneers Cemetery at Benson, Arizona.


Ashley at Cemetery

Ashley Lei Perry
Viewing headstone
Albert Emmet Perry 1856 ~ 1898
Pioneers Cemetery
 Benson, Arizona


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