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Albert Emmet Perry

Albert Emmet Perry


ALBERT EMMET PERRY was born February 12, 1856 to Judge Albert G. and Harriet Eliza (Grimes) Perry in Falls County, Texas, the youngest of six children.

About 1876 Albert joined the Texas Rangers and some years later he was commissioned by Pat Garrett (of Billy the Kid Fame) in Tascosa, Texas.   He served in that capacity as frontier lawman for many years.

His duties took him through Texas, New Mexico and on to Harshaw, Arizona where he started a stock supply business for the military at Fort Huachuca in the Arizona Territory.







Albert Emmet Perry – great grandfather – 1856~1898
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Harshaw House 1

Harshaw House 2

Harshaw – Arizona Territory   (Pictures taken 2007)

A southern Arizona newspaper - The Border Vidette of Nogales of June 12, 1897 reads:  “Albert Perry of Harshaw was in charge of a large band of cattle being held at Huachuca Station a few days ago.  Albert looks well and tall in the saddle, as he had been an old timer there [in the saddle] while in his native state of Texas.”

Historical note:  About 10 years before the marriage of Albert Emmet Perry and Minnie (Fenter) Perry – Wyatt Earp and his brothers had his famous gunfight at the OK Corral in Tombstone, Arizona Territory in 1881 – about 25 miles from Patagonia and Huachuca Station.

It was while in his stockman-merchant vocation that Albert met and married my great grandmother, Minnie (Fenter) Perry on February 22, 1891 at Harshaw - a mining camp near Patagonia, Arizona.  They had three sons – Glen, Guy & Pete Perry.


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